This documentation covers most important parts of Runtime Editor. Unlike previous versions of the documentation, I tried to concentrate more on examples rather then documenting each property of each script. Let me know what examples you would like to see.

Start with following sections:

List of Features

  • Position, Rotation, Scale Handles.
  • Grid, Box Selection, Scene Gizmo.
  • Transform Handles mobile & Google AR Core support.
  • Global & Local coordinates, Local & Center pivot point modes, Vertex & Grid snapping.
  • Gizmos for Colliders, Lights and Audio Sources.
  • Scene navigation, Orthographic & Perspective view.
  • Undo & Redo API.
  • Object selection API.
  • Object life-cycle Events.
  • Play & Edit mode.
  • Configurable Inspector.
  • Component & Material editors.
  • 16 Built-in property editors.
  • Add Component control.
  • Multiple Scenes and Cameras support.
  • Dock Panels & Windows Management.
  • Dialogs, Message Boxes, Confirmations.
  • Easy to extend with new windows.
  • Configurable Main & Context menu.
  • Fast Virtualizing Tree View for Hierarchy and Project windows.
  • Configurable Save & Load subsystem (almost no coding is required).
  • Easy to use Project API.
  • Static Assets, Asset Bundles and Dynamic Assets support.
  • Load assets on demand.
  • Multiple Projects support.

Upgrade note

Many breaking changes have been made since version 1.3.2u3. Runtime Save Load and some other parts were completely rewritten because they were too tightly coupled, difficult to extend and maintain. I suggest you to start with new version. Those of you who are in the middle of development and cannot just start from scratch, please let me know I will try to do my best to help.


Hi, I am Vadym. I made a lot of efforts creating Runtime Editor but this was interesting and rewarding experience. First version of Runtime editor was released in June 2016 and was pretty simplistic. Current version is much more sophisticated but in the same time much more flexible and contains a lot of useful features. If you have any questions or suggestions send an email to or join this support group. I hope you will enjoy using Runtime Editor and it will be helpful.