HD Render Pipeline Support Docs


Starting from version 2.26 Runtime Editor has support for HD Render Pipeline.


Currently HDRP support is in beta

Getting Started

  1. Unpack Assets/Battlehub/RTE_HDRP_Support_Beta.unitypackage Screenshot
  2. Open Player Settings->Graphics and select HDRenderPipelineAsset Screenshot
  3. Open Quality Settings and select HDRenderPipelineAsset Screenshot  
  4. Switch Color Space from Gamma to Linear. Screenshot  

  5. Create Runtime Editor using Tools->Runtime Editor->Create Editor
    (Optionally Tools->Runtime Editor->Create Extensions)

  6. Add HDRP support using Tools->Runtime Editor->Create Editor HDRP
    (Optionally Tools->Runtime Editor->Create Extensions HDRP) Screenshot
  7. Hit Play


Complete demo scene can be found in Assets/Battlehub/RTEditorHDRP/Demo